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How to Know If Your Hamster is Tamed

Trying to figure out if a hamster is tamed or not is not always easy. This is because these small animals have lots of behaviors and actions that can mean a multitude of things. And since every hamster is unique, some may also be tamed slower or faster than others.

How to Know If Your Hamster is Tamed

If you want to learn how to know if your hamster is tamed, there are several things you need to observe and watch out for:

Your Hamster is Comfortable Being Held

One of the first and most important indications of a tamed hamster is if the animal is comfortable when you hold it. If your pet is totally fine with being held, this is a sure sign of being domesticated.

When you hold a tamed hamster, it won’t try to bite you to make you let go of him, nor will it run away. Instead, a tamed hamster crawls in and out of your hand, exploring you while you hold him.

But this might not be the case for all hamsters since some of them might not like being held even if they are tamed. Thus, it is perfectly fine if your hamster doesn’t like it when you hold him. Also, just because a hamster hates being held doesn’t mean they are untamed.

Your Hamster Tries Interacting with You

If your hamster approaches you every time you are near his cage, it is their way of telling you they like you. It also indicates that the animal is tamed.

The mere fact that they attempt to have an interaction with you shows that they are already domesticated and comfortable enough with your presence.

Most of the time, tamed hamsters will also attempt to initiate contact with their owner. This way, they can have some fun playing with you.

Even if your hamster doesn’t always approach you when you come up to their cage, a tamed hamster will generally want to interact and be in the same space with you.

Your Hamster Likes Being Petted

A tamed hamster finds being petted a comfortable experience. They won’t try running away or squeaking at you as you pet them.

There are also no noticeable signs of stress while you are touching a tamed hamster. If your hamster is sitting perfectly still while you pet them, it only shows that they already trust you enough to let you touch them.

But remember that just like feeling comfortable being held, it is also another high-level form of being tamed for hamsters. Take note that some hamsters don’t like the idea of being petted, tamed, or not.

Your Hamster is Comfortable to Explore the Cage Even If You are Around

While hamsters are animals full of curiosity, it is also not a secret that they also tend to get scared too easily. If your hamster is already comfortable enough exploring his cage while you are around without feeling scared, it means that they are already tamed.

They often play and run around during the day and won’t stop or slow down even if you approach their cage. They will play with their toys or run around on the exercise wheel. Whatever it is, if you have a tamed hamster, he will feel perfectly fine going about with their activities even if you are near them.

Your Hamster Takes Food from Your Hands

One more way to know that you have a tamed hamster is if he starts happing taking food from your hand. It is a good sign since it implies that your pet trusts you enough to approach you, take treats from your hand, and chomp down on them.

After getting their treats, your hamster will either consume them right there in front of you or hide them to enjoy later. If your hamster already trusts you enough to consume what you offer them, this is a surefire sign that you have a tamed hamster there.

Your Hamster Won’t Bite You

As mentioned earlier, hamsters tend to feel terrified very easily. More often than not, hamsters may start lashing out and biting if they ever feel threatened.

However, if you have a tamed hamster, they won’t nip or bite at you out of terror as much anymore. It often happens after your hamster has become more familiar with you and starts trusting you a bit more. This may happen over time provided that you are patient enough with them.

But some hamsters might still nip at you, though, even if they are not really afraid of you. This mostly happens if your hands smell food. This is why it is important to thoroughly wash your hands so that your hamsters won’t pick up any food smell that will tempt them to bite you.

The good news is that as long as they are tamed properly, some hamsters will no longer bite you after some time even if your hands have food smells on them.

Your Hamster Doesn’t Fear You Anymore

A tamed hamster will no longer fear you as much anymore. It is important to remember that these small animals are on high alert most of the time. This is their way of protecting themselves from both predators and those that they assume to be predators.

It means that if your hamster no longer hides and runs away from you when you get near them, it is a good indication that he is already tamed. They will no longer shake and freeze every time you approach them.

Instead of freezing up or running away, tamed hamsters usually run to their owners who are walking by their cage.

Your Hamster is No Longer Afraid of His Environment

Finally, a hamster is tamed if he is not afraid of his immediate environment. He will be more used not only to the cage but also to most things inside and outside it.

Tamed hamsters will already be used to every noise and sound they hear often such as music, the noises from the TV, and your own voice. This also applies to movements around them such as your family members walking past their cage.

Watch out for these signs and have fun with your tamed hamster!

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