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Can Hamsters Survive Falls?

Hamsters are small animals that move fast and sometimes, they might even leap out of your hands without you noticing it. This is the reason why hamsters are prone to drops and falls. Can hamsters survive falls, then?

Can Hamsters Survive Falls?

Being fragile and small animals, hamsters can, unfortunately, sustain injuries if they drop or fall from significant heights. While they might fare better from a lower height, it still depends on what they hit once they get to the ground and how they fall in the first place.

Hamsters won’t get hurt if they fall from 10 inches or 25 centimeters. Survival depends on the condition of the hamster, the type of surface, and the point of impact.

A bad fall may result in internal injuries, broken bones, or worse, even paralysis. As a result of their relative strength and small size, hamsters can also survive terminal velocity.

It means that it is more likely for hamsters to survive higher falls than bigger mammals despite being fragile and small.

Every time you handle your hamster, make sure you maintain a firm grip and stay near the ground as much as possible to prevent injuries and accidents.

Do Hamsters Get Hurt If They Fall?

Will hamsters be fine even if they fall? In controlled and safe environments with minimal danger, a hamster weighs up the consequences of a jump even if their sense of sight is a bit poor. It means that it is unlikely for them to hurt themselves when they all since they will refuse to jump if they estimate that the distance is too high for them.

But it is still important to remember that hamsters have delicate and small limbs. Hamsters also feel pain because they are sentient creatures. Although they may not incur serious injuries from a fall, hamsters will still feel its effect. Falls often lead to damaged nails, chipped teeth, broken bones, and sprains that can be painful.

What Happens If a Hamster Falls or Drops?

Hamsters are inquisitive small animals that require exploring their surroundings just to feel comfortable and safe. They are big fans of jumping as well even though they often leap out of their cages or the hands of their owners because they feel threatened or scared. Hamsters are also prey animals, making it common for them to jump to escape dangers.

Sadly, due to these strong survival instincts, hamsters don’t think of where they land even though they are still too high up. Hamsters also have poor eyesight, which means they cannot see very well what is right in front of them. All they can think about is escaping the threat.

It is not always to tell what is going to happen when you drop your hamster since every environment is unique and different. You also need to consider the height of the fall. If you drop your hamster from just several inches away from the ground, your pet will likely be fine without any scrapes or cuts. Your hamster will also fare better if you can break the fall with a soft surface like a carpet.

But if your hamster is dropped from more than a few feet off solid ground, this may have some serious health consequences. Dropping from a significant height can result in sprained or broken limbs. Similarly, when the hamster drops and hits his head, it also increases the risk of developing neurological problems whether right away or much later such as when your hamster gets old.

What To Do When Hamsters Fall or Drop

You can take a few steps to ease the pain of your hamster after you drop it or it falls accidentally:

Visit the Vet

Right after your hamster falls or drops to the ground, it is imperative to act immediately before it runs away and hides somewhere you won’t be able to get or reach it. You also need to examine your pet for obvious signs of injury like limbs that look strange or streaks of blood.

Even though your hamster may look just fine physically, he may not be necessarily healthy. If you suspect that your hamster may be hurt, don’t waste any time, and take him to the vet right away. In worst-case scenarios, your vet may discuss the need to euthanize your pet to put an end to its discomfort.

Keep Your Pet Comfortable

As you wait for the appointment with your vet, give him water and food to keep the living environment of your hamster comfortable. Keep the room quiet and prevent access to children and other pets.

At this point, your hamster will be more cautious of predators so expect that he will have extremely high-stress levels. Your vet will give you advice and tips on the things you can do to encourage the recovery of your hamster.

Minimize Handling

Minimize handling as well for now. Aside from the fact that your hamster will not want you to touch him in any way, handling it will only make matters worse.

If ever you need to move your pet, don’t forget to wear thick gloves because the pain will likely make your pet try to bite you. Just make sure that you don’t drop your pet again and make sure you grip it as tightly as you can without harming or squeezing it.

Do Hamsters Die if They Fall or Drop?

You are probably wondering if hamsters will die if they fall or drop. Whether a fall will be deadly or not depends on some factors such as the following:

  • How the hamster lands
  • The surface of the floor
  • The condition and health of the hamster when it falls or drops
  • The height of the drop or fall
  • Whether there is something that cushions the fall

It might be fatal for your hamster if the surface of the floor is too hard, or the drop is too high. While it might not die from the impact right away, it might prone to long-term injuries like internal bleeding or even an invisible broken that can make the hamster succumb eventually.

The Bottom Line

Hamsters are enthusiastic and fun pets, which increases the risk of accidents due to falls or drops. As long as you stay close to the ground and handle your pet with care when playing with it, your hamster may be able to survive the fall without developing any life-changing or life-threatening injuries.

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